Why Hire a House Sitter Adelaide?

If you are travelling for an extended period, you probably should get a responsible house sitter. If you are only going to be gone for a week or more leaving home empty is a bad idea. Some things can go wrong costing you thousands of dollars. If a pipe were to burst the subsequent water damage and mould problems could make your place unlivable, and that is not a discovery you want to make at the end of a vacation or overseas work assignment. Empty homes are frequent targets for burglaries and vandalism.

Even if you have a high-quality security system equipped with dozens of state of the art security cameras you may still have other things that need care. It is amazing how far security cameras have come in recent years. The easy installation of wireless security cameras allows you to cover any angle in your home you are concerned. Many modern security cameras can be accessed and remotely operated while on the road, however, someone still needs to water the plants, feed the tropical fish, and keep the mail from piling up at the doorstep.

Neighbours may keep a loose eye on your place but are unreliable to act if there is a situation needing attention. What you need is to empower someone to take care of your affairs while you are away, a house sitter. The list of qualified house sitters does not include the neighbour’s teenage son although he is on his school’s honour roll.

The problem is that these people mistakenly assume they have been given temporary ownership of your residence and its contents. Even though you have clearly laid out the guidelines to be followed, these people override your judgment and often underestimate their ability to maintain control of situations.

A professional sitter understands they are there to ensure the safety of property while you are away. You may not even need to pay them especially if you live in a lovely home in a posh neighbourhood. Most understand that the benefits of living rent free are more than compensation for the job. However, there may be fees for extra duties included such as yard maintenance.

Getting a good house sitter on short notice may be hard. The best ones have booked their schedules well in advance so plan early. Even if there is a cost, the piece of mind a house sitter provides is more than worth it by allowing you to enjoy your vacation fully, or focus on your work while you are away.

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