Preparations for a Home Inspection

There are multiple reasons why home inspections are performed. Whether you are selling your house or looking to get new insurance, having your house checked is the right thing to do. Just remember that your house has to be in a great form when you want to have it inspected. Keep in mind that even the trivial details can impact the inspection report. Usually, inspectors are trained to spot the minor issues before they become real problems. However, if you divide your house into four sections, you might handle things easier and prepare your property for the building inspection Brighton easily.


In this category, we can include windows, garage, foundation, sidings or roof. First, check if the windows and exterior doors seal in the right manner. If there are any deteriorated or missing pieces of siding, they should be fixed. Also if your house includes a chimney, make sure this is ventilated the way it should be. Your lawn has to be mowed or trimmed, and you should not forget to remove any mulch or gravel from the bottom of the foundation.


When it comes to the interior, you have to make sure that all the electric appliances are in excellent condition and are working properly. Provide easy access to the electrical box and make sure everything concerning plumbing is taken care of. Always clean your house and keep it organised. Nothing bad will happen if your house is not the cleanest of them all, but it will not hurt to offer the inspector a clean and airy space to work in.


Every building inspection Brighton includes places like the basement, the attic, and the crawl space. Before receiving the inspector into your home, make sure ventilation works properly, and all the existing vents are free of all debris. The insulation has to be installed and situated away from the vents. Regarding the crawl spaces and the basements, they have to be dry, without any leakage. And last but not least, the electrical wiring has to function well and be secured.

HVAC System

Do not forget about the cooling and heating systems in your house. Change and clean all filters according to the instructions received. Another great tip would be to clean the duct work and keep your thermostats in a great state. You will most probably be asked to turn on the central air unit or the furnace to make sure they are functioning. If this system has had certain upgrading or services made, include a copy of the job done by the company.


Building inspection Brighton doesn’t occur as often as you might think. But when they are performed, they can offer you the chance to see what needs to be repaired at your house, not to mention that it also provides an idea of the value of your house and the manner in which this was constructed. Before setting up an appointment with an inspector, check your house carefully and prepare it in the best possible manner. This will make it more interesting to potential buyers, helping you to sell it faster. For more information on how to prepare for a building inspection, visit this page.