Importance of Asbestos Inspection and Testing before Building Renovations

Over time, every building or structure becomes deteriorated when it comes to both quality and value. Therefore, there is a constant need to keep your building or home updated and this is where repairs and renovation come in. Renovating your house or building is very important as you make the building more functional, safer, and also add value and beauty. Remodels are common projects that happen every day but renovating a building or house that was built before 1984 is not business as usual. This is because such structure might have asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that can be very harmful when disturbed.

A building renovation and repair project involves much work which can include demolishing parts of the floor, walls, and ceiling. In the cause of destruction, you might disturb some asbestos-containing materials and the fibrous particles will be released into the air and inhaled and this can expose the workers or the occupants of the house to the asbestos dangers. This is not what you would want considering the severe illnesses caused by asbestos exposure including lung cancer and asbestosis, among others. Therefore, before embarking on any renovation or repair project on a building or house that was built before 1984, there is a need for professional asbestos sample testing Adelaide.

Before you begin any renovation, you need to call an asbestos company to do the testing. It might seem like an added cost when you are operating on a tight budget, but since it concerns your health and that of your family, it is a worthy investment. Even though there are DIY asbestos testing kits, it is not always advisable as you can make a mistake and get exposed and this is very dangerous. Therefore, hiring an asbestos company that has much experience when it comes to asbestos inspection and testing is the right thing to do. Asbestos companies are armed with the training, experience, tools and gear for the procedure, and so you can be sure of a safe and thorough asbestos testing.

After the inspection and testing are done, the asbestos exerts will then advise you accordingly. If some ACM were found, they would decide on the best cause of action. If the materials are undisturbed, the can recommend not to renovate those areas if possible. If it is a must that you remodel the space, they can remove the asbestos first before the work begins. However, if the asbestos sample testing Adelaide finds no ACM in your building or house, you can go on with the renovation. The idea is knowing the status of your building regarding the presence of asbestos so that you can keep your family safe.