Why Chose Wooden Screen Doors

When you have plans to add a functional retractable screen door to a private home, it will be of great benefit. The screen door will offer you protection from insect’s attack, and you will still enjoy the beautiful view of your garden without any interruptions. However, when it comes to installing screen doors, you must ensure that you are choosing the best materials for both functionality and aesthetic value. There are different materials to choose from which includes aluminium, wood and fibreglass. For example, if your house has wooden window frames, then you are best going with timber screen doors Adelaide.

There are several advantages of using timber screen doors when compared to other types of materials. For example, when viewed from an aesthetics perspective, no material can beat wood. The wood sliding doors will look more luxurious and elegant because of their weight and also the ease of painting colour of your choice. However, if you opt for timber screen doors, then you have to battle with all the disadvantages offered by other doors made of wood.

For example, wood is never friendly with water and so too much contact with water will lead to wrapping. Also, if you have no treated the wood as required, you can expect termite damage. To prevent all this problem, you better buy your timber screen doors from the best dealers so that you can get advice on how to keep your door in excellent condition.

There are several ways through which manufacturers make the timber screen doors to avoid the termite destruction. One, they use anti termite spray liquid on the wooden floor. However, a more important means of prevention is of our own; you need to do routine maintenance to ensure that there is no presence of pests that can destroy your wooden door.

The timber screen doors Adelaide have the same functionality with sliding doors made from aluminium and fibreglass. However, you will need to spend more if you want to use wood for your door because, in addition to beauty, quality timber is also tough to find considering the current environmental rules barring tree cutting.

When buying the timber sliding doors, always do your research to be sure you are buying from licensed and authorised screen door dealers. There are many suppliers out there who can deliver your screen door, but not all of them are trustworthy regarding quality and affordability. Therefore, doing some research pays as you will get a reliable supplier who cannot only supply but also offer you installation services.