What Are The Different Types of Cooktops?

The modern kitchen comes equipped with a wide range of cooking equipment and tools for preparing food. One of the most prominent components of ideal kitchen space is a cooktop. Cooktops are cooking stoves designed to be separate and independent to that of an oven, and they recently have become popular because of their versatility. Designed as a small appliance, it allows for a more versatile way of remodelling or re-arranging your kitchen, primarily if you have limited space. You have the luxury to place an oven in a different area instead of putting the same under the stove. If you use a traditional gas or electric range oven, you probably know why a cooktop is a better option.

If you are shopping for new cooktops Adelaide, you must be aware that there are more than a couple of options to choose from, including gas-powered, electric, induction, and others. Naturally, every type comes with a specific set of benefits and features that could either be fit or unfit for your current kitchen setup. Let us go over the most preferred types these days.

1 – Gas

As the name suggests, gas cooktops are those that make use of either natural gas or propane. A gas cooktop is a preferred option for professional cooks and homeowners who take their cooking seriously, and the reason is that it offers precise management and control of cooking temperature. While it is true that burners in gas cooktops are challenging to clean, you always can go or a newer and modern version with a smooth surface. Another advantage of a gas cooktop is that you can conveniently monitor the flame while cooking.

2 – Electric

An electric cooktop relies on a more nature-friendly source. It is the popular choice for those who do not usually cook using high temperature. Since an electric cooktop allows the reduction of heat to individual low levels, those who prepare small meals love it since it is easier to manage the flame. The most notable downside of an electric cooktop though is that you must use flat-bottomed cookware.

3 – Induction

Just like an electronic version, the induction cooktop uses electricity, too. However, it does not use the conventional element in the previous type since it takes advantage of a modern method with the help of electromagnets. Located underneath a smooth cooking surface are the electromagnets, which in turn are responsible for generating resistance the moment electricity passes through them.

Aside from those three mentioned above, there also are other cooktops Adelaide worthy of your consideration. For instance, a cooktop with an overhead hood is a fancy yet functional option that draws the heat and smoke when cooking. A downdraft cooktop, on the other hand, uses counter-level exhaust fans, thereby eliminating the need for an overhead hood.