Treatments for Stammering in Children

Are you worried about your kid who seems not to get over a stuttering problem? Also, called stammering, this is a speech disorder have symptoms that include repetition of a word, syllable or sound while speaking. Speech disorder can also involve trouble starting to say a word or sentence. Other symptoms of stuttering include trembling of the jaw, lips, quick and repetitive blinking of the eyes, the tension of the face and upper part of the body. If your son or daughter suffers some of these symptoms, it may be a sign that your kid has failed to outgrow that speech disorder.

Children Speech Therapist AdelaideWhen should you take your son or daughter to a children speech therapist Adelaide? For kids between two to five years old, it’s normal for them to stutter as they develop their speaking abilities. It will go away on its own. But if the stammering lasts beyond six months and frequently occurs with the above symptoms, then your kid needs medical attention. If left untreated, stuttering in kids may lead to worse symptoms such as emotional problems, avoiding situations when the kid has to talk, and poor performance in school.

If you realise that your kid has a speech problem, then you need to have the kid checked by a speech therapist. It is a medical practitioner that is trained to diagnose and treat people suffering from speech, language and voice disorders. During the diagnosis, the speech therapist will ask you about the history of the speech disorder, mainly when it started and under what conditions. After asking you several relevant questions, they will then perform a full assessment of the speech and language abilities of your kid.

Various treatments options are available for kids with speech disorders. These treatments only alleviate the condition to reduce stuttering since there is no cure for this. Therapy can help a lot in reducing the development of a stammering problem. Stammering in kids is treated though informing parents and caretakers on the best ways to adjust or control their kids speaking environment. That way, the episodes of stuttering will be minimised.

The following are things that parents can do to help their kid develop excellent communication skills after suffering a speech disorder.

* Discuss the situation openly with them when they ask you about the condition

* Avoid forcing your kid to speak to other people especially if they are no family members.

* Maintain a relaxed environment to give your kid a chance to speak whenever he/she want to. Do not try to complete words and sentences for him or her. Give them time to try on their own.

* When talking to your stammering kid, be relaxed and talk slow so that they can learn to imitate the correct way to speak.

* Always avoid reacting harshly whenever the kid makes a mistake, be calm and encourage them to try again but do not pressure them.